Training is available using Microsoft Office Suite for:  Access, Excel, PowerPoint,  and Word.

MS Word Training

Getting Started

  •  Microsoft Office Button
  • The Ribbon (Formerly the Toolbars)
  • Quick Access Toolbar

Working With Documents

  •  Creating a New Document
  • Open an Existing Document
  • Saving a Document
  • Save As or Renaming Documents
  • Working on Multiple Documents
  • Document Views
  • Close a Document

Editing a Document

  • Typing and inserting Text
  • Selecting Text
  • Inserting Additional Text
  • Rearranging Blocks of Text
  • Deleting Blocks of Text
  • Search and Replace Text
  • Undo Changes

Formatting Text

  • Styles
  • Changing Font and Size
  • Font Styles and Effects
  • Change Text Color

Formatting Paragraphs

  • Change Paragraph Alignment
  • Indent Paragraphs
  • Add Borders and Shading
  • Apply Styles
  • Create Links
  • Change Spacing Between Paragraphs and Lines

Page Formatting

  • Modify Page Margins and Orientation
  • Apply a Page Border and Color
  • Insert Common Header and Footer Information
  • Create a Page Break
  • Insert a Cover Page
  • Insert a Blank Page

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